The new set of products of care and beauty of ARGAN TREASURES,  is a product of research and development of Greek cosmetologists which, incorporate  the beneficial properties of the organic oil “argan” and  the traditional Greek organic olive oil.

This range consists of care products for the face,  body, hair, hands and feet, and specific products for the eyes and lips.
It also includes anti-wrinkle products with a lifting and botox- like effect, for safe use, without aesthetic surgery. The traditional oils of the Mediterranean nature, are combined harmonically with the pioneering achievements of modern cosmetology like argan stem cells, the bio-technical anti-wrinkle ameliox and the drastic dipeptide calmosensine.

The argan oil, which is widely known for its powerful restorative and anti-aging action, is the secret of care for the face, body and hair. It is produced from the core of the seeds of the argan tree which grows in Morocco. Argan oil is produced using mainly traditional methods and is a time-consuming process.
Every stone has to be opened so as to obtain the seeds. It is said that for every litre of this oil, 20 hours of manual labour are required.

The women of this area , have been using it for hundreds of years, for the daily care of their face and body, and the caring of dry skin. However, its anti-aging properties are the reason why it has become so popular lately in the west.
The secret is its high concentration of fatty acids (80%). In addition, it constitutes one of the richest natural sources of vitamin E whilst containing powerful antioxidant substances, which neutralize, the harmful for the skin, free radicals.

The ARGAN TREASURES range of products, contains , according to its use, a large range of active ingredients like vitamins A, C, F, E,  panthenol, allantoin, bisabol, wheat proteins, aminoacids and a multitude of moisturizing substances with a particular emphasis on the unique moisturizing triple action of Trimoist.
However, the “high technology” substances of this set of products, which establish it as unique, are the following:
Second generation argan stem cells, which activate the creation of skin tissue, increasing the density of the skin and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

The biotechnical, antiwrinkle ameliox with carnosine and antioxidants in the form of liposomes, which protect the structure of collagen and result in a visible smoothing of wrinkles.
The drastic dipeptide calmosensine, which modifies the texture of the skin and contributes to the stretching of the skin, and soothens the expression lines of the face.

You will love the ARGAN TREASURES , which opens new doors in cosmetics, after the ATHENA'S TREASURES and ALOE TREASURES series of products, based on the ingredients of the Mediterranean nature, argan oil and olive oil, as well as on contemporary cosmetology.